Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007

Christmas has passed and now we are hours away from finishing our year! I am grateful for an amazing Christmas celebration and VACATION time I was able to share with my wife and family. I had some great time to rest, too. I am also grateful for all that God has done this year and grateful simply for being able to see another year of God's Grace.

I have been in 1 Corinthians 9 recently where Paul talks about running the race as one who is determined to win the prize. I sense this passage will take me through January and in preparation for the next season of life God has for me and our family. For all the Young Adults reading this blog, next week is our Winter Retreat, and we will talk through what it means to live our lives in God's ways. This includes knowing your passions, gifts, and abilities. I am currently reading a new book called "Living a Life on Loan. According to the authors, it is important to live your life and they made an acronym.
Loves-Live your passions and dreams.
Intersections-Be aware of where your life intersects with others.
Fortune-Steward your resources for God.
Eternity-Remember you are made to live beyond earth. Store up your treasures in Heaven.
I plan to share some of these concepts at our Retreat. If you plan on going and have not yet registered please call 650-364-6304 asap or email

We have three more months of waiting for Baby Gap and it has been an amazing time of preparation. Today, we even were able to buy our crib and baby dresser/changing table with the generous gifts of our family. God is providing.

Mark your calendar for THE DEEP January 12, happening at our home.

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