Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Choosing to be at his feet

I got home from the gym and it was 7:30pm. Usually Monday nights Wendy and I both work out, have dinner, and relax the night away. Wendy was already in bed because she was feeling sick and wanted to get her rest so I unexpectedly had the night to myself. I immediately conjured up my to do list. I wanted to shower, eat, finish laundry, start packing for our Christmas trip, organize my bills, watch some of my TIVO shows that I haven't watched in weeks, email some friends, empty the dishwasher, and write this blog. I decided to shower first because I was sweaty and it would give me more time to think through my agenda a little more. It was almost within minutes that the course of my night changed. I turned the water on and it was as if these words were spoken. "Mary has chosen what is best." I had my eyes closed as the hot water was beating down on my head. It felt so refreshing and then again, "Mary has chosen what is best (Luke 10:38-42)." That's it. Those words in just that one line fluttered through my mind. I stood there thinking. How did that get in my mind. Did I just think it or did something trigger that? It was a simple sentence actually spoken from the mouth of Jesus to his friend Martha about her sister Mary. Just as quick as the words came, an image came to my mind. The picture was Martha standing in front of Jesus with her agenda in hand. In my mind I could see her holding a to do list in one hand and a kitchen pot in the other.

She stood there realizing her well thought out busy plan really wasn't the best for her at that moment. I only saw the picture in my mind... but I knew how she felt. She felt a little awkward, singled out, and a little ashamed that she elevated house hold chores above time spent worshiping Jesus. That was exactly how I felt. And why shouldn't I? I had been truly longing today for some time to just read and journal. I had made my plans, but God ordered my steps. I actually felt relieved, even though I felt humbled. How could I have missed what was best? I finished my shower, warmed up some leftovers, and made myself comfortable with my journal and Bible. It was such a sweet time of reading, praying, and reaffirming my trust in God in this day and this moment.It was the best use of my time. (And the great thing was that I ended up being able to complete everything else I wanted/needed to do, as well (Hence, this Blog is written). See Proverbs 16:9. And I had more awesome revelation through Psalm 127, that I'll blog about later.

This Tuesday 12/19 we will meet at PCC's Fireside room to wrap gifts for the homeless, bake some goods, and go out to Christmas carol on the street.

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