Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Choosing Humility and Simplicity

(In theatres now THE NATIVITY! See it with your whole family, invite others and discuss.)

I wore my red, cashmere, Gap socks this week. (The socks I won from our Christmas party last weekend). I really like them. If you weren’t there have someone tell you about the “White Elephant” game we played. There was quite a bunch of socks to choose from and steal. I “coveted” the socks of others. Yes, it’s true, I must admit I had a little camouflage and argyle envy from Drew, Steve, and Ben. But I also experienced some interesting thoughts and conviction during this game, too. This season of going through the book of James at PCC and my own devotional reading in Luke 1 & 2 has caused me a lot of reflection. I have been spiritually stirred these two ways: #1 with my own lack of humility and #2 with my abundance of things. First, as I am reading about the birth of Jesus in Luke and reflecting on God’s humble beginnings I am amazed. With our own little baby on the way I am even more sensitive to the God’s choices to become a baby. I have been feeling the movements of our little one over the past weeks and marveling at how that must have felt for Mary to feel God move in her womb. And how about the other elements of this radical story? You know like the peasant girl factor (Mary, who needed savior herself read Luke 1:47), the donkey, the musty manger, the announcement to not so highly esteemed shepherds, etc. Just think about the fact that God chose to come at a time in the world when medical technology was at a bare minimum. He could have come and been born in a hospital in the year 2006, with the comforts and luxury of America, but no! He was born in third world circumstances in Israel. He was God, just think about the choices he made. Amazing. Then think about his life: what he owned and where he lived. How much money did Jesus store up in the bank? Nothing. And did he worry and fear God wouldn’t provide food and clothes for him? No. He lived simply day-by-day and trusted God. So, just looking at all those socks piled up on the table the other night reminded me at how much I/we truly have in this country. We have access to anything and everything we want and in most cases we get (or buy) all of our needs (and almost all of our wants) met. So what should my/our response be if we truly want to be like Jesus Christ? I leave that question with you and pray that your Christmas season involves some time to reflect on this topic. It’s a messy journey that requires humility and simplicity. I am right there with you.


12/17 This Sunday: After Sunday at 6 in the Fireside room is CHRISTMAS CAROLING, APPETIZERS AND DESSERTS WITH THE 50PLUS MINISTRY! Come join us for an intergenerational night of celebration.

12/19 Tuesday 7pm
Meet at PCC to make Christmas cookies and gifts for our homeless friends. Then come down to Menlo Park for Christmas Caroling. Fireside room 7pm. Email

12/22 Friday Night GINGERBREAD HOUSE MAKING at Frankie Markovich's House email to RSVP. Bring $5 for stuff.

12/29 Friday MEN'S NIGHT OUT 8pm Pizza @ BJ's in Foster City and Broomball 9:30-11:30pm
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12/31 NEW YEAR'S EVE EVENT AFTER SUNDAY AT 6. Karaoke, comedy, food, etc.

January 5-7
Winter Retreat in Twain Harte. Brochures will be available this week. See the literature rack in PCC’s worship center. Sign up now for $65 before the price goes up.

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Jenni said...

I've been convicted of that a lot lately. If you want to listen to a great sermon, convicting, challenging, etc., you've got to listen to this one:
Dec. 10, Calling all Peacemakers, The questions of a kingdom

And thanks for Jodi's number!