Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Choices continued

This week at PCC Gary Gaddini, our lead pastor, challenged us in such a perfect way.
How will you spend your time and will you dedicate it to God? Do you have a Godly perspective with your faith and how you live it out?
If you weren't able to hear the message check it out! REAL FAITH HAS PERSPECTIVE 12/3

So taking this challenge, and trying to dedicate our time to God, Wendy and I had a family meeting. I live for things like this. I am not fully sure why, but I love planners, palm pilots, calendars, etc. I love knowing what is going on today and what to expect (as much as I can) for tomorrow. Honestly, this can be bad, because I love having stuff to do all the time, so planning in such a way helps me see where I need to back down and relax. So we both plotted out the remaining days of December (less than three weeks until Christmas. We made sure we knew what parties (we have four) and other events we're going to this month and made sure to carve out together time, rest time, work out time, and Christmas shopping time. It was such a welcomed and refreshing decision to make choices regarding our time for communication purposes, but also so that we can enjoy the season and not feel overwhelmed. We have one friday where we made sure to do nothing. We both but a big NOTHING over that date! We want to be home to rest and pack for our Christmas travels.

When you can spend some time receiving the gift of God's peace. Make sure above all else, that you make time for that. Even as I type I am convicted of how easily I don't allow God to lead me beside quiet waters! Psalm 23 has been such an encouragement and gift to my soul! I hope you know how much God loves you!

I hope you who read this are able to enjoy this season because even in this blog I am going to list a BUNCH of options of things going on this month. I hope you can be a great manager of your time and not feel pressure to do it all! Three important things for this weekend.

12/9 Main Street Cafe 10:30am 150 Elm St. come for breakfast! and
CHRISTMAS PARTY Saturday 5:30PM (RSVP on Evite)Starts at Christina Stenstrom's and ends at Glenn and Jenn Wong's house.
12/10 Sunday at 6 in the Fellowship Hall and
PCC CHRISTMAS CONCERT SUNDAY 7:30PM After Sunday at 6 (NO young adult dinner).
12/19 TUESDAY NIGHT CHRISTMAS CAROLING AND GIFT MAKING FOR THE HOMELESS: Email Jodi210@hotmail.com to get involved. Starts 7pm PCC.
12/22 Friday Night GINGERBREAD HOUSE MAKING at Frankie Markovich's House email frankiemarkovich@yahoo.com to RSVP. Bring $5 for stuff.
12/29 MEN'S NIGHT OUT 8pm Pizza @ BJ's in Foster City and Broomball 9:30-11:30pm
more info tba.
1/5-7 Winter Retreat and Snowboarding Twain Harte/Dodge Ridge

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