Monday, December 11, 2006

Young Adults Christmas Party recap

Thanks to all who came, served, hosted, and participated in our Young Adults' Christmas Party! It was this last Saturday night December 9th. The rain didn't stop our travels since it was a "progressive dinner event." For more pictures scroll all they way down to the end of the blog or see the slide show on

We started at Christina's House (pictured here with her cousins below).

We had appetizers, mingled around, and had the fun activity of creating Christmas card pictures with a box full of Christmas costumes.

The Wong Family jumped in the fun, too, with Prince Owen Alibaba.

After a time of ice skating in Foster City and eating BJ's Pizza we ended up the Jen and Glenn's House for Dessert and Hot Cider. The Christmas gift exchange game took on a new twist with socks and secret hiding elves with upgraded prizes. Everyone brought and wrapped up socks that we traded White Elephant style.

My shirt says: Re gift Responsibly.

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