Tuesday, October 28, 2008

God can use CHEESE

In this case I don't mean Gouda or mozzarella (which believe me I know God can use). In this case of the word Cheesy: I mean a word use to describe something that is funny but isn't meant to be, takes itself too seriously and is really not believable, is badly done, silly, and possibly deserves the big bang of the Gong.
It can be used to describe anything really. Clothing, catch phrases, music, message (sermon) illustrations, cars, music, and movies. In this case I am talking about FIREPROOF a movie recently released,

starring every one's favorite 90's actor Kirk Cameron. Before you send me Christian hate mail, I SAW the movie. I supported these Christians who are trying to make a difference, and I laughed and I cried, and was encouraged to love my life more. Seriously. (I'm looking forward to getting the Love Dare book).
But I want to be honest. It just lacked in so many ways. The story lacked the real umph to draw me fully in. The action, if they had a bigger budget, needed a major upgrade. The dialog seemed cardboard, perhaps the non-professional, non-paid actors are to blame, as some of the acting was just not believable. I've seen better acting on our PCC stage in a 10 minute sketch. I admit I have a high standard, but I'm thinking that if we are going to make an impact in the arts we've got to compete with movies that big studios are doing. And maybe that's not the goal: to compete. But I think we need to be careful as Christians not to just promote something as the best movie ever just because it lays out the gospel, has people praying, and mentions Jesus. With that still, I suggest you see it. Especially married people, if you can look past some of the cheese! Wendy and I laughed and rolled our eyes numerous times as some of the silliness, but afterward we prayed, hugged, and made out passionately. :) TMI? So it had a positive affect, gave us some fodder for conversation, and gave me a rant for a blog.

Kirk was actually OK. I'd recast the doctor and the wife. And even though it's a little cheesy, God is using it. People's lives are being impacted. Read stories about it here. I totally appreciate the hearts of those behind the movie (who say they are ministers before they are movie makers) who want to bring God's truths to the big screen and send a positive, Godly message about marriage to the world. I just wonder how many people in the world will see it.

Oh btw, The soundtrack is really good, though. I have it on repeat.

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