Friday, October 17, 2008

Sex is everybody's business

I am loving preparing for my message this Sunday on Revelation 2:8-17. Thanks to the 2 (uh, what's  up the that, come on help me out) people who helped contribute digitally (one on my blog and one on facebook).

I'm especially challenged with the need for the church to actively participate in encouraging holiness! Check out Revelation 2:12-17. If we are aware of any followers of Jesus that are involved activity that compromises God's design for sex, we need to LOVE THEM  enough to point it out. It's all our business. In fact, that's what Lauren winner says in her book (I just got it) Real Sex.  She has this chapter called, "Communal Sex: Or why your neighbor has any business asking what you did last night."

Sex, in the church, is every one's business. (Listen to part 1 of her talk here). (And Part 2 Here) Since God designed for it to be celebrated between one man and one woman in marriage it's supposed to be a good thing. And ultimately keeping it like that affects everyone around. We should be encouraging Christian singles, marrieds, divorcees, widows, etc. all in the same way to keep, honor, and celebrate God's design. Which means it's OK (and we should) to ask a fellow follower of Christ, "How's your sexual purity and how's it going honoring God with your sex life?" In doing so, we honor God and bless others. If some one's not a proclaimed follower of Christ, it's NOT OK to expect that they uphold, or would want to honor, God's design. But it's great to dialog with people in grace-filled ways that
are respectful and kind. 

Also. Check out Hebrews 12:1-16, especially vs 15-16  that says many (that's us, and people you know) can be "defiled" if we don't honor God with our lives and our sin isn't held accountable. It's all our responsibility. 

Join us Sunday October 19th, 9:15am, 11am, 5:30pm


Matthew said...


I am thankful for this stage in my life. I have a wonderful woman by the awesome grace of God, and I have a passion to live a pure and free life bc of the same God that gives truth and grace. God has really laid on my heart lately purity. I am really passionate about practicing it in my life and really speaking it out lately. I am thankful for how God has used you in the lives of so many, including Jill's and mine, to speak out the truth, the bold truth of God; how he longs for intimacy with his people, his beloved, and how that intimacy is WAY beyond any sexual thought or image. It is cool how God uses and allows that intimacy to overflow and be shared between a man and woman in marriage.

I am encouraged by God's redemptive power. He IS my first love. I remember how I fell for him when I came to know him, how vulnerable I was, yet how on fire and bright His Spirit showed in me. Yeah, it was a spiritual high, but it was real. God calls us to be real. He is calling me to be real. Thanks for your realness. Remember your first love.

Alicia said...

I am thankful that you are taking a stand on this and not being passive. This is a hard issue to take on but with God's help you can do it. So many people avoid it but it is great to see you face it head on.

Anonymous said...

So, what about masturbation? Is that considered wrong in the eyes of the lord? Is that to be forgone because its sexual in nature?