Monday, October 06, 2008

Ok, where are the hidden cameras?

So my wife and I are at the movies last week. We're having a little coffee before the flick starts when my wife spots this:

Are you kidding me?

What would you do?
A-Ignore it, it's not my problem. I'm just here to see a movie.
B-Notify the manager asap, this is a matter of national, financial security.
C-Take a peak, what harm is there in that? I've always wondered what's inside an ATM.
D-Snag some cash and run. Or maybe get some popcorn, some new shoes, or a trip to Hawaii.
E-__________ (you fill in the blank).

This is where you comment. Can you tell I'm trying to create a little interaction here?


Alicia said...

The right thing to do would be to notify the manager ASAP.

ChrisGapp said...

E. Notify the manager and ask him "How much is the reward again?"
Just kiddin-

Tony's 2 Cents said...

SOOOO...ya, first we E:--looked around and really thought, "Come, on!" Is this for real??" Then I C: took a little peak--and to my dismay--no money was hanging out or even really anything exciting to look at. It looked like security deposit boxes--with no windows or anything :), then B: We notified the manager--secretly hoping for some free popcorn as a reward! :)-but nothing.