Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dallas LeadNow Day 1

I'm blogging from a hotel in Dallas after day one of LeadNow.
We arrived late last night in Dallas, with a sad goodbye to my wife and daughter-- who I already miss greatly. After two short flights we found ourselves eating pizza at midnight (TX time). It was a great start to our 1/2 week together. 8 of us quickly got real and shared stories prompted by questions while mowing some ZA and taking in the Texas air. We started the morning with a Starbucks run before connecting up with my best bud (and former PCC pastor) Matt Nightingale and his new bud and co-pastor Ted from Houston.

So far, it's been great. The building (the facility where the church meets) is great. Colorful, modern, extra-technical, and fully equipped with a cafe. Great speakers, including a favorite: Marcus Buckingham, who emphasizes leading in the areas we are good at and passionate.

Let me recap how God has moved in me (numerous times to tears).
I've been journaling like crazy!

He's touched me and affirmed me in these areas:
*He speaks repetitively: I love you, follow me, take care of my people, & surrender.
*Leaders lead themselves (develop their inner life) before attempting to lead others.
* I am who I am, accept my abilities, lead from my specific strengths, manage my weaknesses- & team with those who are strong where I'm weak.
*Adoption and foster parenting is in our future.
*Leadership must be bold & beneficial, but expect to be misunderstood & possibly not liked when the truth is spoken--in love.
*He uses times of wilderness and pain to increase our dependence on Him.
*God's people are a people of many colors and we must seek to connect with them all.
And that's just day 1!

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Jenni said...

Great to hear your thoughts on day one. I was thinking that if you get a chance, with adoption/foster care in your future, you should ask Autumn about her family's experience. It made me want to adopt or be a foster parent. I got to spend a day and a half with their family for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it was awesome.