Friday, November 14, 2008

Dallas LeadNow Day 2

Let's see. Day 2. God is speaking to me. My journal is filling. I'm overwhelmed, amazingly encouraged, tired, ready, scared, raw, and loving my savior more. Getting voice mails from my wife and daughter don't help keep my eyes dry, either. I can't believe my little 19 month old can say, "Hi Daddy, I love you."

So, I've been in sessions, meals, and concerts for 14 hours today. I don't have much but I know I must get a few thoughts out. Here are some quotes:
Washington D.C. isn't going to change the world, the Church is.-Erwin McManus
If we truly read the word of God, and lived it out, what kind of Church would we be?-Francis Chan.
The Bible isn't a book of "How to's" it's a book of "Why's."--Donald Miller
Above is Erwin Mcmanus, who seriously looks a lot like Lou Diamond Phillips,
reminded us that faith is NOT safe. We must dream dreams that we are passionate about and that will also benefit and bless the world (not just merely ourselves). This takes discipline to do something risky, that might fail, but that completely depends on God. Francis Chan than challenged us to live by the Spirit and not minimize his power to events/messages/movements that depend on human accomplishments. And Donald Miller confronted us with living in God's story and exhorted us to live a GOOD story: significant, purposeful-with the expectation of conflict, that will draw others in and bless the world.

God change us.

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Jen Ehinger said...

I love Francis Chan - such a good speaker - I miss going to conferences. I absolutely love the energy - I'm inspired to do something, anything, even if it fails. Because it doesn't matter if 1000 people think I failed. Maybe 1 person will think about God or pray or remember... I will always remember one girl in high school who signed my senior yearbook. She was a sophomore at the time and said I was inspiration to her Christian walk because of how I lived and ran the newspaper... I had no idea I had made an impact on her life for Christ for two years! (ok this is turning into a blog...)