Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Put your thinking caps on...

I love retreats. In about 48 hours we'll be nestling in to Brown Bear Cabin, fireplace and all, in Twain Harte California. We eat, laugh, sing, pray, rest and have crazy fun. Included is a sort of "theme night" to give us any reason to dress up.  Last year we sported argyles and folded sweaters for  "Preppy Bowling,"  So I'm doing a poll here on my blog for this year's theme, so far fun hats/head wear is in the lead by 41%, but I'd love some suggestions. Any ideas? What are some fun/easy dress up themes that could work for a night out of bowling? Please share, if anything for just the fun of it and future possibilities. 


Leticia said...

I'm definitely for era-themes such as 80's/early 90's (aka the Saved by the Bell theme), Disco (70s), etc.

I'm down to dress like Kelly Kapowski ;).
since i stink at bowling, at least my look will be fabulous. lol. - Can

Matt said...