Monday, November 24, 2008

Same suit different tie

2 weddings in 24 hours. One on Saturday and one exactly 20 hours later on Sunday. Now, I now only own one functional suit (that's not a costume). So my one cool suit got some good use this weekend. I just changed my shirt and tie.
Here we are (me and Prego Wife Wendy-isn't she cute? Her bump kinda blends in the black) with our Friends (and owners of fave cafe La Tartine) Huy (Andrew) and Monique, who wed in Palo Alto at the Garden Court Hotel.
They gave away biscotti, a fancy tea bag and cool espresso cups.
It was so funny, because they both already had the same last name. No, they weren't related, but Nguyen (new-winn) is the Vietnamese equivalent of Smith. Convenient for the Bride when it comes to name change.

Angelo and Christina got married in PCC's worship Center. They are becoming a blended family. It was very emotional to witness and a great crowd of their neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers showed up that got to hear about God's love and design for marriage. This was a special ceremony because Christina came to Christ about a year ago and has been changed in some great ways.

Of course I got my groove on.

I love doing weddings. I love being able to bless a couple and speak the truth of God unashamedly!

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