Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If you don't trust, just pray and repent

Remember that old 1989 Prince song, "Trust?" No? Well, that's not such a bad thing-it was on some old Batman movie soundtrack (that I can't find) and it pops in my head when I think about the word trust. We all have been let down in some way, shape or form which has contributed to our "trust issues." Trusting God, trusting friends, and trusting presidents is a challenge, but the votes are in and my prayer and support will be to our President Elect Barack Obama--while my allegiance and worship still belongs to God the Father through Jesus Christ. (McCain would have had my prayer and support, too, as this is not about endorsing political parties. I still have an aversion to claiming a party affiliation. I just want to follow Jesus and wisely engage in politics and culture from an independent viewpoint. As I've stated before neither candidate is the messiah and in my opinion shouldn't take so much of our focus).

So, with that, for my second political post I want to encourage you to read Marc Driscoll's recent blog posted before the election returns. It was insightful and I pray it can remind us to keep putting our focus on God and our need to humble ourselves and rethink what we believe and CHANGE the way we live! I read Romans 13 tonight and was reminded to continue to support and respect those in leadership. Go God, please use Obama. Amen!

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