Friday, November 28, 2008

PCC's Thanksgiving Lunch

50ish volunteers who serve over 200ish people can be a challenge. I simply call it Beautiful Chaos. It was beautiful amidst the craziness. The craziness had nothing to do with organization (because this year we had the best of our 6 years) but simply due to the amount of people. There were a lot. But like I said, organization was not an issue. It was top notch this year-another reason I am thankful. The servers were lead by an amazing duo who took it to a new level, the kitchen's always been under control by the same woman (and her family) that has done it every year, we had a "dispatcher" this year coordinating the driving, greeting was led by one of the warmest people around, set-up was perfect, and clean-up happened..somehow the whole time. The most exciting part was the people who came. God's kingdom was represented. It's been a great day. Thanks God.

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