Sunday, November 23, 2008

Preparing for Christmas

Even though Thanksgiving is next week, it's not too early to start talking and preparing for Christmas. I'm so ready for some major change this Christmas. I'm really way over buying and getting gifts. If we don't change simply because we are Christians maybe the economy will be a good enough reason to be different this year.

I love this video challenge, (besides the fact that is says, "go to church." GRRRR). It reminded me that I just really want to be with my family, hang out, eat, see the lights, and possibly even serve together. The exchange of words (and maybe some coffee) would be so much more meaningful that lots of gifts that might not fit--or lets be honest... that we might not like. Besides, it hardly seems right to spend so much money on ourselves with millions of children without parents, clean water, and simple health necessities.

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mamaktbug said...

i'm with ya there...

have you seen "what would Jesus buy?". it's a good one to check out...i got it from netflix but you can watch it on too. :-D